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Vision Statement

CSR2life is dedicated to the highest quality of connects between Corporates and CSR Implementation Agencies delivered with poise, boldness and energy.

CSR2Life | What We Do is a digital platform that connects companies with trusted CSR implementing agencies and NGOs dedicated to positive change around the world. Our innovative and cost-effective approach enables corporates to make data-driven decisions for CSR activities while helping them save time and costs associated with manual CSR management. Our platform's analytics capabilities provide visibility to numerous organizations simultaneously, ensuring that CSR Implementation Agencies / NGOs with a proven track record of success can be found easily. Our platform also facilitates good corporate governance by helping companies make better use of their CSR prescribed amount for social purposes. Whether you operate in urban, rural or remote locations, CSR2life can help you make a meaningful impact and improve your CSR performance.

"CSR2life's innovative platform offers a fully automated communication, disbursement and monitoring system for your CSR initiatives. With our integrated web-based interface, you can easily select and manage projects, share information, and generate reports for monitoring and documentation purposes. Our platform's communication system enables seamless collaboration among organizations and CSR Implementation Agencies, allowing for easy discussion on all aspects of projects, including timelines, budgeting, and monitoring, with a communication trail to track progress. Our platform eliminates the need for physical movement by CSR Implementation Agencies/NGOs for project-related submissions, questions, and record filing, as these can be conveniently uploaded digitally through our dashboard. This way, organizations can seek additional information about projects, approve them, carry out disbursement, and monitor CSR funds with ease. Experience hassle-free CSR management with CSR2life!"

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