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Corporate Procedure for to Implement CSR Projects using your CSR Funds 

To implement CSR projects using your corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds, follow these steps: 

1. Corporate Login Process 

· Sign up with your corporate email ID. 

· Authenticate your email ID by clicking on the link sent to your email. 

· Login using your user ID and password. 

· Complete your profile by providing all the required information. 

2. Project Approval Process 

· Search for projects using the search option on our website. 

· Download project summary, report, and other required documents for assessment. 

· Communicate with the CSR Implementation Agency through the message board, in case additional details or clarifications required 

· Shortlist projects that you are interested in implementing through the CSR fund. 

· Place the project before the CSR committee and/or board of directors for approval. 

· View the shortlisted project section and click on "approve project" to confirm that the project has been approved by the competent authority for implementation through the CSR fund. 

· Approved projects can be seen under your corporate dashboard to generate a disbursement advice. 

· Generate a disbursement advice and follow the instructions. 

· Projects to which funds have been disbursed will be shown under the funding history. 

3. End Use of Funds 

· The CSR Implementation Agency will upload supporting documents for the end use of the funds within the stipulated time. 

· Corporates can access and download the supporting documents through their corporate dashboard. 

4. Independent Audit of End Use of Funds 

· Corporates can request for the appointment of an independent auditor to audit the CSR funds disbursed. 

· Fees and charges shall be deposited by the CSR Fund donor with 

· will appoint an independent auditor. 

· The independent auditor will upload the audit report with 

· The independent audit report can be accessed and downloaded by the corporate through their dashboard. 

By following these steps, you can implement CSR projects using your funds in a transparent and efficient manner. Contact us on, if you have any questions or need help with any part of the process.