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#ID: AA000008

  • Acts Ministries
  • Kharagpur, 721437
Reg. No.: CSR00014099

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... Social Empowerment

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  • Estimated Project Cost:  10297600
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   10297600
  • Project Focus:   Adoption/construction of Hostels (specially those for SC/ST &girls)

Shelter & Care for Vulnerable Children

The organization implementing community based rehabilitation and development interventions targeting the Vulnerable, Disadvantage & Victims affected. Its current focus is restoration of Children, Women & Aged hope through economic recovery, capacity building, and psychosocial support.  These shall be through providing shelter, Providing all basic needs as like Food, uniforms, Medication, Education, Entertainment, practical skills, promotion of hygiene and sanitation in basic primary health care and sport promotion. Home for Orphans, street children and other vulnerable children can stay in peace. 

  • Rehabilitation center where children in difficult circumstances such as the displaced can leave.

The primary beneficiaries of the program shall be the targeted vulnerable children, orphans and Primitive Tribal Groups & Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups’ Children. This will improve their lives hence being in line with the millennium development goal of reducing illiteracy & malnutrition level among the rural poor especially the developing nations or third world countries that include Paschim Medinipur among them. Such initiatives facilitate and promote family educational, health and social needs. Especially Orphans & Disadvantage needs protection, Proper guide, Proper shelter, Proper education and Health in their daily growth & Childhood living. Food & Cloths are major issue for a child in moving into education… 

This Ministries is established to carry on all the activities of Children who are unable & fallen in their daily growth due to food crisis, family crisis, political crisis, social & economic Crisis… 

Education helps in the complete growth of an individual’s personality, whereas instruction merely trains an individual or a group in the efficient performance of some task. A human being may be a great general,an efficient carpenter or a good teacher, or a lawyer, or a mechanic or a pathologist, or a renowned doctor, or a pharmacist, or a Engineer or a chartered accountant, but still remain a semi-educated, ill- mannered, immoral,unrighteous or unjust person. Similarly, someone may be a very fine painter, a good poet; or possess a love of beauty which is highly delicate and sensitive, but may, at the same time, be cruel or brutal, or an untruthful, unsocial individual, who deliberately ignores their duty towards neighbors or even spouse and children. We can say that people who have specialized in certain educational fields are well-instructed individuals, but we cannot necessarily regard them as truly educated.On the other hand, someone who knows and performs her duty towards self, family, neighbors and humanity, and at the same time has acquired a basic knowledge about how to earn a livelihood honestly and live a decent life, should be called an educated person. Such a person may not have specialized in a particular field of knowledge, but lack of expertise does not automatically prevent him or her from being recognized as an excellent human being. Good people are not necessarily complete people. In fact, no- one around us can be regarded as complete, because there is no end to the growth of human personality. A wide knowledge of many subjects helps in the growth of personality provided that we know how to adjust our knowledge to our behaviour, and how knowledge and action are to be integrated into a broad, total framework of life. The outlook of an educated person is not static,but is modified and mellowed as he or she applies principles to practice and acquires an outlook enriched by experience While the objective of the is to provide basic knowledge and life skills for all school age children, primary education provision is still characterized by under - achievement which affects Children and most of the children in rural areas.The interventions suggested in the Master Plan are aimed at enhancing quality of Food, Education, Entertainment, Uniforms and Health & Hygiene which have to be upgraded. 

Vulnerable needs to be highly protected, able to get all their basic needs and will provide own their future aim so that they may self reliant in their future survive.