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#ID: AA000061

  • Visakhapatnam, 531149
Reg. No.: CSR00058339

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... Social Empowerment

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  • Estimated Project Cost:  471624000
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   471624000
  • Project Focus:   Self /Gainful Employment Opportunities – Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM) on Welding, Fabrication, and other Electronic appliances.


            Tribal Disable welfare Society has been doing service since 2015 years in the Tribal Rural area of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh State, Tribals and wild people live in this area, most of the trial villages have no Roads. There is no Hospital Accommodation either if the health is not good. One has to walk about 10 kilometers to reach the hospital in the town or tribal it eh forest women or tribal women area little late for delivery during pregnancy, They have to come to the hospital with the help of a doli, Doli means two men carrying a bed sheet, most of the Tribal village do not have bus facilities for household goods they have to walk to the nearest town. Which means they have to walk about 10 kilometers.
The area of forest in the middle of the district is high, our district has good rainfall. The terrain in this tribal area have very little agricultural land. They rely on Rain and grow crops on their lands, during the harvest season the rains are high and the entire crop becomes water logged. The forest is spread around this tribal area. Fearing these rains the farmers have Refrained from doing crops, our area tribal have no skill development most tribal have no education. They migrate to neighboring states of work.
This district has large forest in 6 mandals, Terrorist have established a residence in the forest. these forest are spread up to the state of orissa. The population of forest people belonging to these 6 mandals is around 40 thousands. They roam the forest without even clothes, money of these forest people live in the community and live is a small huts in the forest. The forest people do not go to any area. They collect the fruits and honey found in the forest and arrange it near them and come to the weekly market and sell it., after taking what they want with the money they get they go into the forest. Aadhar card will be arranged for there forest people and we will provide Self-employment to the forest people of 18 years to 40 years with there two units of sheep forming and Goat farming.              

Visakhapatnam district has 43 mandals, It has 925 gramapanchayats and 3625 villages, Each villages has 5 to 13 disabled persons of different age groups with different types of disabilities. They depend on their family for life in this tribal area and have married for skill development or blood relation. They have children with disabilities, in this way there are piles of disabled people in tribal villages. Once the tribal villages are investigated the tribal people living in the tribal area are mostly poor people who have no skill development in life. There is no education and the tribal people make a living by doing wage work.              

The tribal disable welfare Society conducted a survey of poor tribal disable people in tribal villages. There are 15508 people with disabilities in the whole district of 18 years are to 40 years ago in the villages they are facing many problems for employment or food. They are living a hellish life day by day as they are unable to function. women with disabilities also face many problems, most of them are not married in many tribal villages. The tribal disable welfare society has accommodated the disabled people. The organization investigates whether you need help, we need investment to live and with this investment we live from Rearing course, Some say they will set up a small shop, while others raise Goats. Many people with disabilities told the organization that they will set up Tailoring shop, setup Xerox shop and set up Computer Center shop.              

These units will provide economically development and skill development to the Tribal disabled people and forest people from 7 units according to their wishes.             

 2 members project officers and 12 members community coordinator are appointed by the Tribal disable welfare society to carry out this program. A branch covers 10 to 11 mandals. 3 mandals will appoint a community coordinator and from them we will do self-employment program for this project we will take 12 member women community co-ordinators work with the disabled people with a sense of service.            

 In the Tribal area of Visakhapatnam district a village meeting was arranged in each tribal village with the community coordinators appointed by the tribal disable welfare society and in the village meeting the disabled persons who were eligible for this project were identified and the eligible disabled person was taken to the bank near disabled persons and a bank account was opened for the disabled person. In this Tribal Disable Welfare Society deposited Rs. 50000/- and the look the details of the project to the Bank manager installment method of loan taken from the bank should be paid every month. In this way we will program in all the villages of the districts Rs. 50000/- deposited by Tribal Disable Welfare Society is not required to be repaid.            

This project duration is 3 years from 15/07/2024 to 14/07/2027. This project will provide Self-employment to 9000 people including poor tribal disabled people and forest people. In one year 84 to 90 people are helped by one community coordinator, around 45000 people of poor tribal disabled people and forest people and their family members will be benefited. Four branches in the district. 1. Visakhapatnam Rural, 2. Anakapalli, 3. Narsipatnam, 4. Pederu            

we will setup these four branches and provide self-employment to the poor tribal disabled people and forest people.