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#ID: AA000053

  • Being Sevak Charitable Trust
  • Mumbai, 400092
Reg. No.: CSR00015528

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... Social Empowerment
  • Estimated Project Cost:  176700
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   176700
  • Project Focus:   Others - Social Empowerment

Project Atma Nirbhar for Visually Impaired And Specially Abled Individual


A beacon of empowerment and compassion. At Being Sevak Charitable Trust, we believe in transforming lives, especially those of our Visually Impaired And Specially Abled Individuals. In our relentless pursuit of fostering independence, we extend a helping hand, a warm embrace, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Imagine a world where every Human, despite facing unique challenges, has the tools to weave her destiny. Though this project, we are trying to express our keen interest in collaborating with your esteemed company for our Atmanirbhar Project.

This initiative is dedicated to empowering visually impaired individuals through the following endeavors:

1. 1 number of  Rozgaar Booth Repairing :Trying to Assist to One Visually Impaired member in New Rozgaar booths, fostering independent livelihoods. 

2. 3 numbers of Sewing Machine Distribution: Providing sewing machines to at least Three trained Visually Impaired members, enabling self-employment at          home. 

3. 3 numbers of Flour Mills Distribution: Distribution of electric flour mills to offer earning opportunities to Three Visually Impaired members.

4. 2 numbers of Tricycle Distribution: Supporting Two Visually Impaired or divyaang members with tricycles for enhanced independence and pride. 

Being Sevak Charitable Trust is committed to creating a sustainable impact, and your organization's support would significantly contribute to our mission of combating dependency in India. We kindly seek your consideration and support for our Atmanirbhar Project. Together, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of visually impaired individuals, empowering them to lead independent and dignified lives.

We need your support for our upcoming Atmanirbhar Project, as we are hoping to raise the amount for 3 Nos. Flour Machine Rs. 51,000/-, 3 Nos. Sewing Machine Rs. 14,700/-, 2 Nos. of Tricycle Distribution Rs. 16,000/- and Rozgaar Booth benificary Kashinath Govale Rs. 95,000/- Your support will IMPACT the lives of divyaang members and make them independent through this Project.

We would be grateful for your generous support in our noble mission to uplift the lives of Visually Impaired Members.

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Thanks and Regards,

Reena Shah(9594385372)

Contact :- 8879-034-034/8879-035-035