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Project Information

#ID: AA000052

  • Being Sevak Charitable Trust
  • Mumbai, 400092
Reg. No.: CSR00015528

Documents Provided:

  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Trust Registration Certificate
  • 80G Registration Certificate
  • Detailed Quotation
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... Health Care and Health Awareness
  • Estimated Project Cost:  125500
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   125500
  • Project Focus:   Diet and Nutrition.

Project Annapurna for 100 Visually Impaired Members and Children


The "Annapurna Mission: Fight against Hunger" is an NGO initiative dedicated for addressing the critical issue of malnutrition within low-income segments of society. The Mission's core is to combat hunger and malnutrition through a two-fold approach. We need your support for our upcoming Annapurna Program as we are hoping to raise the amount for Annapurna Project costing Rs.1,25,000 for 100 Visually Impaired members for this program under CSR Fund. As in this program we are distributing "Food Kit" such as Dry Ration for full one month to all our Visually Impaired Members. With the support of people like you, we are able to help every time many of these families and individuals not only to meet their essential daily needs but also to manage their livelihood through our different activities like Food-grain Kit distribution, Medical-Kit distribution, Education Facilities and many other activities. We also invite you and your company colleagues to visit our Annapurna Program and celebrate your special occasion with our Visually Impaired Members and Children. Hence, we request you to take a few minutes from your busy schedule and visit this program for the noble cause. For more information, on how your donation is helping to make a difference in the lives of so many Visually Impaired members in our community, we invite you to visit our program. As a person with much social Goodwill, we identify your esteemed presence on this occasion or we can also provide you with the pictures clicked or the videos taken while distribution. 

Our Organization aims to uplift the  prevailing situation of the disadvantaged section of our society - in terms of Nutrition, Education and Self employment especially those who are Visually Impaired Children and Members as they themselves can not move from place to place to fulfill their requirements so after being registered under our NGO, its our responsibility to cater their needs but for that also we will need support from big and generous Corporates like yours. For any further queries pleas contact on the below mentioned numbers.

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Thanks and Regards,

Reena Shah(9594385372)

Contact :- 8879-034-034/8879-035-035