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#ID: AA000049

  • Qi To Happiness Foundation - ESI
  • Ahmedabad, 380058
Reg. No.: CSR00060365

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... Education
  • Estimated Project Cost:  7680680
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   7680680
  • Project Focus:   Special attention on education, training and rehabilitation of mentally & physically challenged children/persons.

Bringing joy to impoverished persons with disabilities and at-risk children

Qi To Happiness Foundation is an Ahmedabad-based non-profit organization committed to promoting the compassionate treatment of people and animals through education, advocacy, and sustainable interventions. We became CSR-eligible in October 2023.

The Essential Supportive Interventions (ESI) program under Qi To Happiness Foundation's banner aims to expand the existing ecosystem in the disability movement by introducing four ground-breaking modalities of Animal Assisted Therapy, Arts Based Therapy, Music Therapy and Sports for impoverished persons with disabilities and at-risk children. Additionally, we also provide Life Skills Training, psychometric assessments, caregiver support group services, and meals to our beneficiaries. We proudly pioneer as the first organization in Gujarat to integrate Animal Assisted Therapy, setting a new standard in holistic care and well-being practices in accordance with international standards. Our organization's program is unparalleled, as no other entity offers a similar array of therapies, making us truly one-of-a-kind in our approach to promoting health and wellness. All of our services are offered free-of-cost to our beneficiaries as we primarily work with impoverished persons with disabilities and at-risk children. 

Currently we are serving over 100 individuals with disabilities and at-risk children from various disadvantaged groups, and we plan to expand our services to benefit more people. We are often limited by weather conditions in executing our planned sessions, and are therefore looking to improve our existing infrastructure so we can implement more activities and improve the overall delivery of our services. We wish to make our campus more accessible and disability friendly as well so as to be able to cater to various other locomotor disabilities. Additionally, the funds we seek will also be used to improve the therapies provided and other monthly and annual expenses of the ESI program.