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  • Katha
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... Education
  • Estimated Project Cost:  5000000
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   5000000
  • Project Focus:   Others - Education

I Love Reading! Creating and Enabling a Learning Environment for Academic Excellence

  1. I Love Reading! (ILR)  is an innovative reading and school transformation program that Katha runs in Delhi’s municipal government schools and surrounding slum communities. It aims to improve the effectiveness of elementary education in the government school system, especially reading and numeracy skills for children, with a focus on under-served children in Delhi.

ILR is a holistic, multi-stakeholder model that engages all key stakeholders by: Helping children improve their reading and numeracy skills, in school and in slum communities using stories that provide a culturally rich environment. Training teachers to use Katha’s Story Pedagogy to engage children in learning, manage large class sizes, develop interesting curriculum, and linking learning to community issues to ensure education is relevant. Creating forums for school principals to share best practices. Empowering parents to take action on community issues such as access to safe drinking water, sanitation and healthcare to remove obstacles to regular school attendance; and Engaging government to give Katha access to schools and demonstrate the model’s success.

Theory of Change-At Katha we believe that if children are able to read, they will do well and stay in school longer, enabling them to become inspiring reader-leaders who can lead their families and communities out of the many types of poverties they face. This will create a more equitable and sustainable India.