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Project Information

#ID: AA000037

  • Madurai, 625532
Reg. No.: CSR00048786

Documents Provided:

  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • FCRA Registration Certificate
  • 80G Registration Certificate
  • Detailed Quotation
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... Social Empowerment
  • Estimated Project Cost:  1500000
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   1500000
  • Project Focus:   Self /Gainful Employment Opportunities – Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM) on Welding, Fabrication, and other Electronic appliances.

Hope for destitute elderly people by 2 goats

The Issue

Almost all destitute elders were pushed away from their own children. No body hears their sharing, emotional feelings and help for daily life that resulted with mental depression, deep worries, sleepless nights and other psychosomatic impacts.  They are unable to do hard works for finding livelihood on account of very poor health.  They are moving to their last breath because of hunger.  Their tears could be removed by the kind heart of donors like you. 

The Action 

We planned to give a pair of goats for ensuring better life to a destitute elder. She/He can take them into pasture lands and feed them with green fodders at the out skirt of their village.  After enough growth, elder would get lambs and then she/he would sell the parent goats.  There is an ever green scope for goat because of meat and leather market. 


  • Sustainable income for the elder by goat milk and sale of elder goats.
  • Ensure food and improved health care.
  • Elder gets love and affection from the kins