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#ID: AA000024

  • Suraksha Warriors
  • Mapuca, 403517
Reg. No.: CSR00039478

Documents Provided:

  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • 80G Registration Certificate
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... Health Care and Health Awareness
  • Estimated Project Cost:  1158700
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   1158700
  • Project Focus:   Fully equipped Mobile Medical Vans.


It is important to realize that a hospital does not manage emergencies or disasters by itself. There are other pre-hospital factors, which have to be considered. Developed countries such as the USA, the UK, other European countries, Australia and Japan already have systems that integrate pre-hospital and inter-hospital facilities. In developing countries, a pre-hospital emergency service may not exist, and resources are minimal. If we can integrate all the pre- hospital and hospital resources which are available, we can make an Integrated Emergency Medical Services System which will provide the means to manage daily emergencies and disasters in an organized way, and also provide good quality emergency medical care. Such a system should have the same organizational structure at national, provincial, district and local level so that there is uniformity even if the resources vary.