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#ID: AA000023

  • Aryangateways Sports Foundation
  • Other - Uttar Pradesh, 250611
Reg. No.: CSR00027888

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... Sports & Culture
  • Estimated Project Cost:  2080000
  • Estimated Fund Requirement:   1650000
  • Project Focus:   Registered Clubs/Institutions which promote Sports activities may be granted financial assistance/donations/sponsorship based on the following norms:- ascertain bonafide objective, status of activities and contribution to the society. (2) Helping State Government in promotion of sports by providing them proper training facilities, grounds, construction of fields,etc. (3) While sanctioning financial assistance/donation/sponsorship for State/ National/International events, Company could send its representatives to ensure proper utilization of fund for the specific purpose, as well as, to ensure publicity/coverage for corporate image building. (4) As per the Government policy for payment of financial assistance/donation/ sponsorship Registered Clubs/Institution will furnish details as required by Company. i.e. their Registration, PAN No. etc. to establish their authenticity.

‘Sports Equipment’ & ‘Sports Consumables’ Support

घर के ‘आँगन’ से ..!  ओलंपिक्स के ‘प्राँगण’ तक…!!

Why? is it that a country of population more than a 130-Crore not even able to make position in top ten Olympic nations. The answer can be found in the fundamentals: unavailability of facilities to the potential talent at grassroots level. Other nations start working on talent from kid-stage and prepare them champions. We start preparing them after being successful when no need is left for any financial support. 

AGSF involvement in Sport & Development:  

In very minimum words, since 2010 after long year's hard work our players reached from hot tin-shed to Olympics. We gained a lot of experience in the field of target shooting sport. Even if being in distress we produced lot of international players (including 2-Olympians), Asian games gold medalist & Arjun-Awardee shooter like Saurabh Chaudhary (World Record holder) getting below than basic facilities. Our results proved successful to our unique indigenous techniques of target shooting fusion with yoga and meditation & much more. Now this is the ripe time as well our moral duty to provide our expertise to the society at wider level. To provide the benefit at wider scale to the society “Aryangateways Sports foundation” is formed as non-profit in 2020. 

VISION:  To convert a player as a champion following the rule “Do better than what you did on previous day".
MISSION: 'Pan-India' talent search in sports. To provide required coaching, facilities & to council them as ‘Jamvanta Ji’ prepared mentally to ‘Hanuman Ji’ for a big jump over the ocean.

Project components:   

For instance, to provide ‘Sports Equipment’ and ‘Sports Consumables’ needed for coaching for three 10 M shooting ranges of AGSF.  This will provide help to poor talent of three district in western UP. (Baghpat, Ghaziabad, G.B. Nagar). 

  • -: Beneficiaries will be youth boys, girls & physically challenged Para-Players.
  • -: Strength of candidates is more than hundreds. 


Awards & Medals: 

  1. Arjuna Award for Shooting in 2020. (Saurabh Chaudhary)
  2. Olympic Qualifier (587/600) in Shooting at Tokyo Olympics, 2020. (Saurabh Chaudhary)
  3. Para-Olympian  in shooting at Tokyo Olympics, 2020 (Deependra Singh)
  4. Gold-Medal 18th Asian Games, Jakarta, 2018. (Saurabh Chaudhary)
  5. Gold-Medal Youth Olympics, Buenos Aires, 2018. (Saurabh Chaudhary)
  6. Gold-Medal in Para World Cup held in Bangkok, 2017. (Deependra Singh)
  7. World-Cup (8-Gold, 3-Silver, 2-Bronze)  in ISSF World Cups till date.
  8. Khelo-India, Gold (Women) held in Bangalore, 2022  (Yuvika Tomar in Indian-Team)
  9. Khelo-India, Gold Medal (Men) held in Bangalore, 2022 (Varun Tomar in Indian-Team)
  10. Many-Dozens of Medals in National Shooting Championships held by NARI.


Impact of ‘Sport & Development’: 

International organizations now have increasingly begun to look in ‘sports’ as an instrument for reaching development goals. There are now high expectations of sport, with large development potential ascribed to it. Sport is considered to be beneficial developing tool for social and emotional competencies by nurturing individual traits including self-esteem and communication skills, as well as instilling values such as fair play, teamwork and tolerance. Sport is being applied to address various issues, including: overcoming from any trauma or natural disasters; integrating marginalized groups; creating health awareness; promoting peace and/or conflict transformation; and fostering education and gender equity

  • ** Also to organize an  “OPEN SHOOTING CHAMPIONSHIP”  to :promote sports which will provide the benefit to min. 800 players directly.